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Calls for national roll-out of level crossing safety devices

Oct 1, 2013National

New technology aimed at improving safety at level crossings should be rolled out across the country, the RTBU says. Read More »

Union denies millipedes behind WA crash

The WA branch of the RTBU has dismissed claims that an infestation of Portuguese millipedes was behind a train crash that resulted in several passengers being treated for minor injuries. Read More »

QLD takes crossing safety to a new level

Queensland is currently trialling a number of solutions to make open level crossings in the state safer. Read More »

Cook rest house legionnaires results

May 20, 2013National Union

Recently a ban had to be placed on showering at the Cook Rest House in South Australia after water samples from the area returned positive for elevated legionnaires bacteria. Read More »

Big issues on the agenda at National Locomotive Division meeting

The National Locomotive Division met recently for the first of two planned meetings for 2013. Read More »

Hot off the press: first QUBE Newsflash

May 2, 2013National Union

With a number of entities now sitting under the new QUBE umbrella, the option of negotiating one national QUBE agreement is now available. Read More »

High speed rail – is it finally coming?

A high-speed rail line between Sydney and Melbourne is a step closer to reality today after the Federal Government released a report looking into the viability of the project. Read More »

Union election results are in…

Apr 9, 2013National Union News

The results of the union elections for the National Office positions and the NSW Loco Division are in. Congratulations to everyone elected to a leadership role within the union. Read More »

PN Intermodal workers vote for industrial action

Mar 1, 2013National Union News

The results of the Pacific National Intermodal protected industrial action vote are in – and members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking all proposed forms of action. Read More »

RTBU Pacific National workers stand up for their rights

RTBU members employed at Pacific National Coal will stop work at midday for 48 hours, as the company tries to resist their right to be represented by a union. Read More »

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