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Hot topic: High speed rail

Feb 23, 2017Hot Topic

As part of a recent opinion piece in the Newcastle Herald, Shadow Minister for infrastructure Anthony Albanese wrote: “We should also expedite progress on the proposed high speed rail link from Brisbane to Melbourne via […] Read More »

Lack of public transport major barrier for young jobseekers: report

Nov 21, 2016Hot Topic News

Public ‍trans‍‍port limitations are a major barrier preventing young people from getting and keeping a job, according to a new report by the Brotherhood of St Laurence. The Sydney Morning Herald article covering the new report emphasises that part […] Read More »

Exec bonuses should be linked to staff’s mental wellbeing: Beyond Blue

Oct 25, 2016Hot Topic News

Beyond Blue chairman Jeff Kennett called for executive performance bonuses to be linked to the mental wellbeing of their staff, ABC news reported this week. Mr Kennett also called for senior staff to undergo a mental […] Read More »

Malcolm Turnbull’s quest for power leaves him at odds with the electorate

Aug 25, 2016Hot Topic News

Poll findings in the latest Essential Report show that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s compromises have left him at odds with the majority of the electorate. “To secure the numbers, Malcolm Turnbull had to ditch the […] Read More »

Newcastle rail saga continues

Jan 23, 2015Hot Topic

Just prior to Christmas, local community groups had a huge win with the court ruling that the NSW Government couldn’t rip up the rail line from Boxing Day because removing rail infrastructure requires legislation to be passed through parliament – which hasn’t happened. Read More »

Transport funding – what’s the answer?

Nov 14, 2014Hot Topic

Is increasing transport fees the way to pay for improved transport services? Sydney based think tank, the McKell Institute, think it could be. Read More »

Newcastle line – what’s your take?

Aug 22, 2014Hot Topic

The recent revelations out of ICAC have renewed the focus on the State Government’s plans for the Newcastle Rail line. The line, which is due to stop running into the Newcastle CBD from Boxing Day, has been the centre of controversy since the Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian first announced the plan to truncate the line at Wickham – but the fallout from ICAC in the past weeks has turned the spotlight back on the process. Read More »

Inland Rail – Tell us what you really think!

Jun 5, 2014Hot Topic

The Federal Government has established an Inland Rail Implementation Group to prepare 10-year plan for the construction of a new Inland Rail route between Melbourne and Brisbane. The Group is being chaired by former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, and is scheduled to provide advice back to the Federal Government by the end of 2014.

What do you think the Federal Government needs to do to make Inland Rail a success Read More »

What’s first for new Premier?

Apr 17, 2014Hot Topic

Mike Baird is perhaps best known for his strong personal beliefs, but he also has a strong track record of agitating for privatisation of services. In fact, he’s the man behind the Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s push to inject funds for infrastructure projects into state’s that find services to privatise. What do you think the new Premier’s first big announcement should be? Read More »

Is Tony taking public services to the Abbottoir?

Jan 23, 2014Hot Topic

Tony Abbott promised a ‘no surprises government’ that would build jobs and protect worker’s conditions. But with business-led reviews like the Commission of Audit, has he delivered on his word? Read More »

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