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Building trains in South Korea ‘short-sighted’, says Australia Institute

Sep 2, 2016News
Think tank The Australia Institute has slammed the NSW Government’s decision to award the $2.3 billion contract to build the inter-city train fleet to a consortium which will construct the five hundred new carriages in South Korea.
Institute chief economist Richard Denniss criticised the government for pursuing the cheapest option to build trains without looking at the broader impacts of the decision on the community.
“There’s been no comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the flow on jobs, the training, the investment, the skills that could be developed in the NSW economy from building what is a very large number of public transport assets,” said Mr Denniss.
Read the full article here.

One Comment to “Building trains in South Korea ‘short-sighted’, says Australia Institute”

  • Mike Baird has continued the trend started by Labor of exporting Job and removing skills from our trades by sending this project offshore. This alone should be grounds for dismissal from office as he is following an ideology that is set to remove manufacturing from the Australian Economy. When will these conservative scumbags learn? When we vote them out!

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