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Big uniform win after long battle

Jul 19, 2016News


After a long and protracted battle, the much despised Sydney Trains driver’s shirt is set to go.

We’ve been advised that the shirt will be replaced with a similar material weave as that of the old “City Rail” shirt.

This is a fantastic outcome as the poor quality material of the Sydney Trains shirt was a cause of great distress for many of our members.

We are also in discussions about shorts and polo shirts. As per previous arrangements, drivers can continue to purchase their own shorts. The Loco Division is pushing for the incredibly well received polo shirt adopted as part of the standard uniform allocation and not just a one off allotment.

2 Comments to “Big uniform win after long battle”

  • That’s great news.
    Now to get the NSW Trains uniform fixed please?

  • Awesome, Now lets see if you can get some changes to NSW Train uniforms, worst uniform I have worn on the 34 years with this mob

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