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Aurizon bullying and harassment

Aug 7, 2015News

There have been reports recently of Aurizon members feeling bullied and intimidated into breaching their conditions of employment.

This isn’t acceptable.

The enterprise agreement – an agreement entered into by both employees and the employer – outlines your conditions of employment, including rostering principles, shift limits and time off between shifts.

This is a legal document that has been signed of by the Fair Work Commission.

Some of the complaints the Loco Division has received include members being asked/expected to:

– have less than 12 hours off at home between shifts;

– work past their shift limits;

– come in for overtime on their RDOs; and

– being called at home when off on personal or carers’ leave to ask why they are off sick.

The RTBU has written to the company advising that this is unacceptable behaviour and that it must cease immediately.

Please don’t hesitate to contact this office if you are feeling intimidated, harassed or bullied into breaching any conditions of employment. You should also make notes of what is said to you, who has said it, the time/date etc so this detail can be used down the track if necessary.



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