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ATSB releases report into Fire of Locomotive at Cardiff

Jan 22, 2018Update

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released a report into the Fire of Locomotive at Cardiff. Download the PDF here.  

“On 4 April 2016 at approximately 0505 Australian Eastern Time (EST), 1 lead locomotive NR8 on train 7YN2 caught fire near the southern side of Cardiff railway station, New South Wales (NSW). The crew stopped the train 250 metres north of Cardiff station after they were alerted to the fire by flames emanating from the locomotive’s engine cab. The crew informed Network Control2 they could not contain the fire and requested the assistance from NSW Fire and Rescue (NSWFR). At 0510, the crew applied the locomotive park brake and both crew members evacuated without injury. The crew further secured the train by applying the hand brakes on the first 10 wagons and isolated the other two locomotives. NSWFR attended at 0525 but could not commence extinguishing the fire due to the overhead electrical wiring remaining energised. At 0535 an engine explosion displaced a number of engine crank case inspection covers. At 0543 passenger service N116 was stopped from passing the burning locomotive and passengers were detrained to alternative transport. At 0635 the overhead wiring was de-energised and by 0830 NSWFR had extinguished the fire.” Download the full report here. 



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