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Asciano CEO gets 72.3 per cent pay rise, pockets $8m

Aug 19, 2016News

At the same time the company’s profit slid by 24 per cent, Asciano CEO John Mullen has been paid just over $8.18m for 2016 – that’s an increase of a whopping 72.3 per cent on the previous year.

Company directors did well too, each receiving multi-million dollar pay-packets and massive pay rises.

2 Comments to “Asciano CEO gets 72.3 per cent pay rise, pockets $8m”

  • I’d be happy to get ONLY one twentieth of his increase at the next E.A. per annum…the pay scales for these people are ridiculous…but I’ll-we will be expected to go home happy with a 1% increase, the lose or more hard fought for conditions and be told we’re lucky we have a job….

  • They get millions we’ll be lucky to get 4% over the life of the next EA!

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