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90 years of proud achievement

May 3, 2017News

***From Australian Unions***

90 years ago today the mighty collective of trade unions came together to form the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Since then that collective power has achieved great things for working people in this country. Better leave entitlements, the right to equal pay for women, the 40 hour week, superannuation, Medicare, paid parental leave, safety standards in workplaces across the country and many other improvements to our living standards.

The Australian trade union movement has been, and continues to be, the greatest force for change working people have for improving their lives, the lives of their families and their communities. If you are not a union member already,join your union now.

The fight for working people today is happening on many fronts, with campaigns and cases being run by the ACTU to establish a leave entitlement for people affected by domestic violence, a significant increase in the minimum wage and to protect penalty rates for some of the lowest paid workers in Australia just to name a few.

But in order to win all these and future battles we need to change the rules. To win, we must focus on ending the power imbalance in Australia that sees workers pitted  against a Government committed to putting money in the pockets of large corporations and at the same time stripping our rights at work and cutting critical services that working people rely on.

And win we must.

The first step, is to join your union. The second step is to invite other people to join the union too.

In union, we fight together and we win together, for everyone.

Be part of it.

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